FAQs(76 to 90)

76) Which CICS system program is responsible for handling automatic task initialization?

A) The Transient Data Program(TDP).

77) In an on-line environment, how can you prevent more than one user from accessing the same Transient Data

Queue at the same time?

A) By issuing an EXEC CICS ENQ against the resource. When processing is completed, a DEQ should be executed.

78) When an application is invoked via the EXEC CICS START command with the from option, how does the

application gain access to the common area?

A) An EXEC CICS RETRIEVE command will access the common area.

79) The DFHCOMMAREA is used to pass information from one application to another. What are some other ways

that this function can be accomplished?

A) You can also pass information in the following ways.

- By using a temporary storage queue

- By using an intrapartition TDQ

- By using the Task Work Area

- By using TCTUA

- Through a file

80) How do you define Task Work Area?

A) By defining it on the PCT (the Program Control Table)

81) What information do you get when an EXEC CICS STARTCODE is issued?

A) You will be able to determine if the application was started by (1) a transient data trigger level(QD), (2) a START command (S,SD), (3) user (U) or terminal input (TD), or (4) Distributed Program Link(D,DS).

82) Which CICS command must be issued by the application program in order to gain access to the Common

Work Area(CWA)?


83) In which CICS table would you specify the length of the TASK WORK AREA (TWA)?

A) In the Program Control Table(PCT).

84) What is a deadlock?

A) Deadlock (also known as a ?deadly embrace?) occurs when a task is waiting for a resource held by another task which, in turn, is waiting for a resources held by the first task.

85) Explain the term Transaction routing?

A) Transaction routing is a CICS mode of intercommunication which allows a terminal connected to local CICS to execute another transaction owned by a remote CICS.

86) Explain the term Function Request Shipping?

A) Function request shipping is one of the CICS modes of intercommunication which allows an application program in a local CICS to access resources owned by a remote CICS.

87) Explain the term ?MRO? (Multi Region Operation)?

A) MRO is the mechanism by which different CICS address spaces with in the same CPU can communicate and share resources.

88) What are different system tables used in CICS?


89) What is multitasking and multithreading?

A) Multitasking is the feature supported by the operating system to execute more than one task simultaneously. Multithreading is the system environment where the tasks are sharing the same programs load module under the multitasking environment. It is a subset of multitasking since it concerns tasks which use the same program.

90) What is the difference between link xctl?

A) Link is temporary transfer of control. Xctl is permanent transfer of control