FAQs(181 to 195)

181) I have written a CICS program. What tables should I setup to run this program?

A) PPT, PCT, (FCT, DCT, RCT (if needed)).

182) In which table would you make an entry for a BMS map? 


183) What is the content of the PPT entry? 

A) Length, Source, Use count, Lang, Res count DFHRPL number

184) For a CICS-DB2 program, how is the plan referenced? 

A) Uses a RCT table.

185) How is dynamic memory allocated within a CICS application program? 


186) What is the use of a TDQ, TSQ? 

A) Temporary data stores.

187) How do you read from a TSQ? 

A) Temp storage read command

188) If I create a TSQ from one transaction, can I read it from another transaction? 

A) Yes. As long as they run in the same region.

189) What are extra partition & intra partition TDQs?

A) Extra partition TDQs are datasets used for communication b'n CICS and other CICS/Batch regions. Intrapartition

TDQs are queues for communication within regn.

190) What is trigger level in the context of TDQs?

A) For intrapartition TDQs specify the # records at which ATI happens. not applicable for extra partition TDQs.

191) How do you fire a batch job from a CICS transaction ?

A) Define an extrapartition TDQ as an internal reader and write the JCL to it. Terminate the JCL with /*EOF.

192) What is ATI? What kind of TDQ can be used?

A) Automatic Task Initiation. Intra partition TDQ.

193) Do you require a table entry for a TSQ?

A) If recovery is needed.

194) Is there any entry for TSQs in CICS tables?

A) Yes in the DFHTST.

195) What is the use of DCT?

A) Destination Control Table used to define TDQs