FAQs(211 to 225)

Q211) Can you have CICS code in a copybook? If yes, what happens during compilation?

A211) Yes. Needs to be preprocessed.

Q212) What is an AICA abend?

A212) Runaway Task.

Q213) How would you resolve an ASRA abend?

A213) In COBOL II start with CEBR, and get the offset/instruction.

Q214) I invoke a transaction from CICS. The program has a code: MOVE DFHCOMMAREA TO WS-AREA.

What happens to this transaction? What happens to the other transactions?

A214) Junk may get moved in. Will cause Storage violation.

Q215) When you do a START, what will the value of EIBCALEN?

A215) Zero.

Q216) How are VSAM files Read in CICS pgms? - GS

A216) File Control Commands. Random, Sequential, forward and backward.

Q217) How will you access a VSAM file using an alternate index?

A217) Thru the path. Define path as an FCT and use normal File control commands.

Q218) How do you rollback data written to an ESDS file?

A218) Define the file as recoverable. in cases where records have been inserted into the file, you may need to run a batch program to logically delete the inserted records.

Q219) I have done a START BROWSE on a VSAM dataset. Can I do another START BROWSE without doing an


A219) No.

Q220) Can you access QSAM (seq ) files from CICS ?

A220) No.

Q221) Can you access ESDS files from CICS ?

A221) Yes.

Q222) In the CICS command level all the re-entrancy issues are handled by the System(True or False).

A222) True

Q223) What are the three BMS options ?

A223) Minimum, Standard, Full

Q224) What are the beginning and end points of an LUW called?

A224) Sync point

Q225) The DL/I database is a hierarchical database and the DL/I access method isthe access method of the

Information Management System (IMS)(True or False)

A225) True