FAQs(241 to 255)

241) If DATAONLY option is specified in the SEND MAP command what will happen?

A) Only the symbolic map will be send

242) What will happen if the TDQ that you want to delete is not in the DCT?

A) QIDERR will occur

243) The read of a record from an Intrapartition TDQ is not destructive(True or False).

A) True

244) An XCTL uses more CPU time than LINK (True or False)

A) False

245) What is the primary function of the Sign-on Table?

A) Register security information of all programs

246) Native Mode Data Stream (NMDS) is a mixture of Buffer Control Characters(BCC) and text data (True or


A) True

247) When there are 2 records with the same key specified in a DELETE operation what will happen?

A) DUPKEY condition will be set

248) The application programs that contain the SQL statements must be Pre-compiled for converting the SQL

statements into equivalent COBOL statements (True or False)

A) True

249) What are the databases that CICS can access?


250) The first step in the development of an application system is the

Requirement Analysis(True or False).

A) True

251) CICS provides an interface through which the all the DL/I services can be used under CICS(True or False).

A) True

252) How to get the sign-on user-id from an application program?

A) ASSIGN command with USERID option

253) What is a Logical Unit of Work (LUW)?

A) A sequence of operations logically tied together

254) Translation Time is not reduced if the Pre-compilation is done

first(True or False).

A) True

255) What is the general Command format of CICS ?

A) EXEC CICS followed by the command