FAQs(271 to 285)

271) What is the command for reading a record form a TSQ?


272) What will happen, if an out-of-range or negative value is specified in the LENGTH option of the SEND command?

A) The OUTRAGE condition will be set

273) Which is the control table where you specify all the transaction that are to be started by CICS after CICS start-up?

A) Sign-on table

274) A HANDLE CONDITION remains active until the end of the program or until another HANDLE CONDITION command (True or False).

A) True

275) In the conversational mode the system waits for the user to enter his response and then press an attention

key, and while waiting the resources are held by the program or task. So conversational mode of

programming is inefficient (True or False)

A) True

276) Which is the macro used for making an entry in the PPT


277) The goal of a recovery process is to Maintain the integrity of the data processed by the system and to

minimize the impact of a task or system failure (True or False).

A) True

278) What is the primary objective of CICS ?

A) To provide the control and services of the DB/DC system

279) If no exception handling is provided in the program, what will happen ?

A) CICS will take the default action specified for the condition

280) What is the CICS supplied transaction which performs syntax checking of a CICS command?


281) What is the process of converting the CICS commands into the equivalent host language statements called?

A) Translation

282) What is the function of the LOAD command?

A) To fetch a program, table or map to the main storage.

283) What is the CICS Command that is used for reading a record from the TDQ?


284) LENGERR, NOTAUTH and PGMIDERR are some of the common exception conditions that can occur with

LINK and XCTL (True or False).

A) False 

285) Which of the following are recoverable CICS resources?

A) Data files and data bases, Intrapartition TDQs, Auxiliary TSQs