FAQs(121 to 126)

121) What is the Purpose of POINTER Phrase in STRING command

A) The Purpose of POINTER phrase is to specify the leftmost position within receiving field where the first transferred character will be stored

122) How do we get current date from system with century?

A) By using Intrinsic function, FUNCTION CURRENT-DATE

123) What is the maximum length of a field you can define using COMP-3?

A) 10 Bytes (S9(18) COMP-3).

124) Why do we code s9 (4) comp? In spite of knowing comp-3 will occupy less space?

A) Here s9(4)comp is small integer, so two words equal to 1 byte so totally it will occupy 2 bytes(4 words).here in s9(4) comp-3 as one word is equal to 1/2 byte.4 words equal to 2 bytes and sign will occupy 1/2 byte so totally it will occupy 3 bytes.

125) What is the LINKAGE SECTION used for?

A) The linkage section is used to pass data from one program to another program or to pass data from a PROC to a program.

126) Describe the difference between subscripting and indexing ?

A) Indexing uses binary displacement. Subscripts use the value of the occurrence.

1. What are the common forms of the EVALUATE STATEMENT ?

2. What does the initialize statement do ?

3. What is the reference modification.

4. Name some of the examples of COBOl 11?

5. What are VS COBOL 11 special features?

6. What are options have been removed in COBOL 11?

7. What is the file organization clause ?

8. What is a subscript ?

9. What is an index for tables?

10. What are the two search techniques ?

11. What is an in-line perform ?

12. What is CALL statement in COBOL?

13. When can the USING phrase be included in the call statement ?

14. In EBCDIC, how would the number 1234 be stored?

15. How would the number +1234 be stored if a PIC clause of PICTUREs9(4) comp-3 were used?

16. What is Alternate Index ? How is it different from regular index ?