FAQs(16 to 30)

16) what are the control blocks in IMS ?

A) There are two control block.1.dbd(database descriptor)2.psb (program specification block)

17) which is the first statement in COBOL-IMS programs?

A) Entry statement is the first statement after procedure division i.e. ENTRY 'DLICBL' USING .....

18) What is the return code you get after a successful IMS call?

A) Spaces.

19) Define DBD?

A) DBD : Database Descriptor. IMS Controls the Structure of DB and access to the DB via DBD. The DBD contains information like, Segment types, their location in hierarchy and Sequence keys.

20) How can we distinguish between an online and batch program in IMS environment?

A) By seeing the IO-PCB in the application program.

21) Which is the DL/I function used in CICS-IMS program?


22) What is IMS?


23) How does one reorg an HDAM IMS database when changing RAPS (Root Anchor Points)?

A) Unload data using current DBD. 2. Delete/define the underlying VSAM dataset(s). 3. Re-load data using newly-defined DBD with new RAPs. 4. Re-build any secondary indexes.

24) What do you know about DBD gen?

A) used to generate DBDs. The statements in DBDGEN process are PRINT NOGEN, DBD, DATASET, SEGM, FIELD, DBDGEN, FINISH, END

25) What are common DLI functions?


26) What are common status codes that you come across?


GE - segment not found

GB - end of database

27) What are the command codes and their purposes?

A) Command codes extends the function of a SSA call. It simplifies programming and it improves performance.

C - Concatenated key, D-path call, F- first occurrence, L-  last   occurrence,

N- path call ignore , P-set parentage.

28) What are the parameters used in CBLTDLI call?

A) Function code, PCB mask, Segment I/O Area & SSA(s).

29) What are qualified and unqualified SSA's.

A) A Qualified SSA contains Key field as well as search field and parenthesis An unqualified SSA does not contain key field and parenthesis

30) What do you know about MFS?

A) Message Format service , Used to format messages that will be transmitted to and from display screens.