FAQs(31 to 45)

31) What for procopt is used? List some of them?

A) Procopt parameter specifies PROCESSING OPTIONS that define the type of processing that can be performed on a segment. ex: K, G, L, LS, A ,AS, I, IS.

procopt=k---means , the segment is key sensitive

procopt=g- the segment is data sensitive (like read only)

L- Load mode , means we can load data base from scratch

A- Get, Insert, Delete, Replace- means it allows the program to issue all those calls

I-insert mode. That means only insert calls with insert mode can be issued

32) What is multi positioning ?

A) Multi positioning is an option where by IMS maintains a separate position on each hierarchical path. when more than one PCBs refer to the same DBD , it is called Multi positioning.

33) What is secondary indexing?

A) Secondary indexing is a feature which allows the program to sequentially retrieve segments or search for segments in a sequence other than key sequence.

34) How many PCB?s can be coded within a PSB?

A) As many(more than one)

35) What is PSB,PCB ACB?

A) PSB(Program specification block): Informs about how a specific program is to be access one or more IMS DB. It consists of PCB.

PCB (Prg Communication Block): Information to which segment in DB can be accessed, what the program is allowed to do with those segment and how the DB is to be accessed.

ACB (Access Control Block): are generated by IMS as an expansion of information optained in the PSB in order to speed up the access to the applicable DBD's.