FAQs(76 to 90)

76)What will happen if you attempt to restart a job in the middle of a JCL // IF .... // ENDIF?

A) Job will fall through to the ENDIF (not executing any steps), then resume execution with the first step AFTER the // ENDIF.

77)How many positional parameters are there in job statement?

A) There are two position parameters in job statement.

78)What are three parameters you can specify on Job statement as well as on exec stmt ?

A) Time, Region and Cond parameters

79)How can you trap abends in the JCL?

A) Use IF ABEND statement in the JCL.

80)How do you restart a step in JCL?

A) Use RESTART=step name.

81)How do you pass parameters to the program as the job is being executed ?

A) By using 'parm' parameter in exec statement. the value mentioned here should be declared in linkage section in the program and process thru procedure division. this technique is very useful when you do not know the parameters at the time of coding the programs.

82)Why do you use a control card?

A) A control card can be a member of a pds or a sequential dataset and is used for storing the date fields, Definitions of VSAM files....etc. You use control card because you cannot use a instream procedure in a procedure. Generally you will be calling a Proc from your Jcl and you cannot code instream procedure in the Proc and so you will point to the dataset which is called control card.

83)How do you submit JCL via a Cobol program?

A) In your JCL define as //JOBA JOB 1111, JOB1 //STEP01 EXEC PGM=PROG1 //ddname DD SYSOUT=(*,INTRDR)....and your COBOL(PROG1) should look like this SELECT JCL-FILE ASSIGN TO ddname. Open this file and write the JCL statements into this file. E.g. MOVE '//TESTJOB JOB 1111,VISVEISH' TO JCL-REC.MOVE '//STEP01 EXEC PGM=IEFBR14' TO JCL- REC and close this file. Then TESTJOB will be submitted.

84)How do you submit a JCL under CICS environment ?

A) Pass all the jcl codes to a COBOL variable(should be declare using OCCURS clause) and the write the line one by one to the spool using CICS commands like SPOOLClose SPOOLOpen SPOOLWrite . For more help reffer CECI of CICS or CICS manual

85)What is the parameter to be passed in the job card for the unlimited time , irrespective of the job class ?

A) TIME=1440

86)Definition of COND parameter in JCL

A) COND is a condition parameter, consists of 2 sub parameters, 1st - return code from the previous step, 2nd - condition. If COND is true, the step on which COND is coded will be BYPASSED.

87)What is meant by S0C7 system abend code?

A) S0C7 - Data exception error - you will get it whenever you are trying to move the low values or spaces into the numeric field, or compare the numeric fields with low values, or try to do some arithmetic operations on the low values. To avoid this you have to always initialize the numeric fields otherwise they will contain the low values.

88)How to pass the temp dataset form one JOB step to another?

A) By specifying the DISP as PASS for the temp dataset

89)What is a COND parameter in JCL?

A) COND means condition parameter. It is compared with system return code of previous step.//step1 exec pgm=abcd//step2 exec pgm=xyz, cond=(4,lt)step2 will be executed when system return code of step1 is less than 4.

90)Write a jcl to execute a job by 7 a.m on Jan 20,1986 ?

A) THE code IS : //*MAIN DEADLINE=(0700,B,012086)