FAQs(106 to 120)

106)what do you mean By spooling? Expand SPOOL?

A) This is managed by JES. This is used for Queuing the Outputs that are intended for Printing and are first stored in SPOOLDASD. This can be managed Using

107)For how long a job can be executed continuously in a mainframe ?

A) 248 DAYS

108)Max. No of DD statements in a job ?

A) 3273

109)How much space OS allocates when you create a PS or PDS?

A) 56 KB

110)Min no of member?s (PDS) in one directory block?

A) SIX(6)

111)The maximum number of steps in a job?

A) 255

112)How much is memory space involved, when we code BLOCKSIZE,TRK & CYL ?

A) One block constitutes 32KB of formatted memory/ 42KB of Unformatted memory,6 blocks makes one Track & 15 Tracks makes one cylinder.

113)What is DSNDB06 ?

A) This is the Place where DB2 Catalog resides

114)What is the use of DSNDB07 ?

A) This is the area where sorting takes place in DB2

115)What is DATACOM db?

A) It is a database used with VSE.

116)What is a Dummy Utility and what it does ?

A) IEFBR14 is a Dummy utility and it is used for the sake of EXEC PGM= .... statement in JCL[when used it wouldn't perform any task]. e.g. While Allocating a dataset you don't have to run any utility [this could be done by giving disp=new inDD statement]. But for a PGM name must be given in EXEC statement, it is used.

117)What 3 guidelines do we have to follow when concatenating DD statements?

A) Datasets must be of the same type (disk or tape), All datasets must have the same logical record length, The dataset with the largest blocksize must be listed first.

118)On the DD statement, what is the main difference between creating a new sequential flat file and a partitioned dataset?

A) SPACE=(n,m) for a sequential file, SPACE=(n,m,p) for a PDS where n, m, and p are numbers. The p designates how many directory blocks to allocate.

119)What is the difference between IEBGENER, IEBCOPY and REPRO in IDCAMS utility?

A) IEBGENER -- This is a dataset utility for copying sequential datasets which produces a PDS or a member from a

sequential dataset.

IEBCOPY -- This is a dataset utility for copying one PDS to another or to merge PDSs.

REPRO -- This is for copying sequential datasets. More or less same as the IEBGENER.

120)How do you submit JCL via a Cobol program?

A) Use a file //dd1 DD sysout=(*,intrdr)write your JCL to this file. Pl some one try this out.