COBOL compilers from IBM mainframes.

VS COBOL II                      

1985    This compiler is still used, but IBM no longer supports it.

COBOL for MVS & VM        

1985    This compiler runs under the MVS and VM operating  systems

COBOL for MVS & VM        

1985 plus         This compiler runs under OS/390 os.

1989 functions

Enterprise COBOL for z/OS 

1985 plus         This compiler runs under the z/OS and OS/390 os

And OS/390                       

1989 functions


  • ENGLISH LIKE - where we employ verbs like copy, add, subtract, move, compute etc
  • SELF DOCUMENTING - where we can incorporate comments for better understanding.
  • VOLUMINOUS DATA PROCESSING - More complex mathematical manipulations involving large volumes of data
  • PRINCIPLES OF MODULAR DESIGN - Inherent Structured programming principles makes the program modular.
  • I/O OPERATIONS ARE EASILY DESIGNNATED - where the placement of input and output definitions are known.
  • SERVES BUSINESS FUNCTIONS - Programs are compiled and an object program is created for execution.